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Services We Offer

Our team keeps you running. The Services We Offer are designed to keep your operation up to speed and to minimize your downtime.


DATA MANAGEMENT & SHARING Every bit of your data information counts, from adding new hardware to managing your data in the John Deere Operations Center, we help ensure everything is set up correctly and securely. And that you understand how to turn that knowledge into smarter, more informed decisions.

AGRONOMIC DECISION SUPPORT Our goal is to ensure you're getting valuable data on your farm, analyzing it properly and using it to impact your bottom line. We call this agronomic decision support (ADS) - and it's all about helping you yield more and waste less.

REMOTE MONITORING & OPTIMIZATION With remote monitoring and optimization solutions, you can keep an eye on your operation from anywhere. From checking in on equipment health and performance to managing productivity and logistics, solutions like JDLink and John Deere Operations Center can help pinpoint equipment issues or maintenance needs earlier and find opportunities to optimize overall performance - without actually being there.

BOUNDARY MAPPING Boundaries are very important to you and your farm that need to be achieved. They are the first step to obtain overall operation uniformity. The reason boundaries are so significant to your operation is to prevent unuseable data and confusion amongst your operators in the field.

FIELD SUPPORT To ensure your operations are moving smoothly and to minimize downtime, we offer on-site equipment diagnostics by our Qualified Integrated Solutions Specialists.

PHONE & EMAIL SUPPORT With the purchase of a Service Agreement Package through West Central Equipment, we offer unlimited phone & email support for issues such as, Operations Center support, field computer diagnostics/support, and all questions pertaining to Precision Ag.

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