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John Deere Tractors For Sale

No one makes tractors better than John Deere. You can find the best tractor with the complete category of John Deere tractors for sale at West Central Equipment. Tractors range from compact size to utility and row crop. Hay and forage equipment will allow you to bale and move hay in record and maximum efficiency. With the latest technology, John Deere combines will give you the ultimate precision when navigating and harvesting your fields. John Deere planters and sprayers provide pinpoint accuracy when planting and spraying crops, allowing for higher yields. Check out all the John Deere tractors and farm equipment in our Pennsylvania locations.

New Tractors Available

John Deere tractors provide you with the greatest flexibility for all your tasks around the farm. With compact utility tractors, switch out its many attachments for numerous possibilities. Augers allow you to finally drill that new fenceline you have needed while box levels get your paths smoothed out. Utility tractors can simplify your baling process, with attachments for baling hay and bringing it to wherever you need it. Put a bale spear on the front and back to finish the work in half the time. Come into West Central Equipment and see why John Deere tractors stand above the rest.

John Deere Farm Equipment

John Deere’s farm equipment, beyond tractors, also dominates the market with reliability and performance year over year. Tillage equipment from John Deere ensures your fields are prepared for the best planting scenarios. Mowing equipment available ranges from farm usage to commercial work. Prepare livestock feed efficiently with our line of disc mowers, with ranging blades to customize to your field. With so much John Deere farm equipment and attachments available, narrowing down what fits your scenario best can be challenging. Talk with our team of professionals to help with your decision process.

John Deere Combines For Sale

Harvest your corn and soybean fields effectively with John Deere combines for sale at West Central Equipment. Models such as the S760 combine allow for a high harvesting capacity, increasing load size and lowering time spent harvesting. With specialized headers and customizable to rows, collect corn into the combine quickly. John Deere technology inside the S-series allows for GPS-guided systems in your field and yield monitoring for accurate coverage. See the John Deere S-series and more combines at West Central Equipment.

Financing John Deere Planters and Sprayers

Get the financing you need on John Deere planters and sprayers at West Central Equipment. Working with trusted financial institutions, let us get you the necessary equipment in as little time as possible. Our process is filtered to eliminate downtime and hassle. We will provide multiple payment options on John Deere farm equipment for maximized cash flow. Stop into our Pennsylvania locations to get John Deere financing today.

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