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Compact Construction

John Deere Construction Equipment For Sale in Pennsylvania

John Deere construction equipment for sale at West Central Equipment will prepare you for all situations on your job site. With various skid steers, track loaders, and wheel loaders, move dirt and gravel efficiently around the site. Attachments range from buckets, augers, forks, brooms, and more. Compact excavators offer elite maneuverability for digging in tight areas and small spaces. See all the John Deere compact construction equipment at our five locations in Pennsylvania.

Financing Compact Construction Equipment Available

Compact construction equipment from John Deere continues to perform on those long mornings and nights. Financing compact construction equipment is accessible at West Central Equipment with John Deere Financial. Get the skid steer, excavator, or wheel loader you need to be financed quickly with our simplified and cutdown financing process. Our team will involve you every step of the way to ensure you understand the interest rates and payment plan options. Learn more by contacting West Central Equipment.

John Deere Skid Steers Nearby

John Deere skid steers make getting materials around your job site a breeze. With multiple attachments available including forks, buckets, brooms, and snow plows, be able to clear your area effectively. Skid steer models include the 318G, with 65 HP and a rated operating capacity of 1,945 lbs. An interior cooling mechanism helps ensure the skid steer will run no matter the temperature outside. Find availability for John Deere skid steers at West Central Equipment by calling our locations in Pennsylvania.

John Deere Compact Excavators For Sale

John Deere compact excavators help you complete numerous tasks around the job site. With their slim design, you are able to fit into tighter spaces and complete work in narrow spots. Compact excavators get digging jobs done much faster than by hand and limit fatigue in your workforce. The John Deere 26G excavator provides a digging depth of 8 ft. 6 in. and an operating weight of 6,110 lbs. With an interior cab, you have the ultimate comfort while operating the machine. Get your hands on John Deere compact excavators today at West Central Equipment.

Compact Track and Wheel Loaders

Compact track and wheel loaders from John Deere are great for material handling around your work site. Some of the key benefits for both include:

Compact Wheel Loaders

  • More Maneuverable on hard surfaces
  • Faster operation speed
  • Great for loading and material handling

Compact Track Loaders

  • Better on uneven surfaces
  • Less ground impact
  • Higher traction

Not sure whether to choose a John Deere track or wheel loader? Speak with our representatives at West Central Equipment, and we will help you narrow your decision.

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