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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Why Buying from a John Deere Dealer is Worth While


Our Team is Full of Experts on the Equipment

All of our Sales Representatives, Parts Consultants, and Service Staff have been working for us for years, serving customers with all different sorts of needs. Our Sales Department is determined to match you with a tractor that meets your needs. Our Parts Consultants have access to tons of parts that will help you maintain your Deere. Our Service Staff has years of experience maintaining tons of Deere models, they are more than qualified to service your Deere. We’re even able to arrange pickup and delivery of your machine for you for maintenance; try getting that at a big box store! When you visit a John Deere dealer you are guaranteed nothing but high quality service.

No Middle Man

Buying directly from a John Deere dealer eliminates the middle man with any warranty claims. When you buy a John Deere from a Big Box store you become a piece to a middle man situation, buying from a dealer means you deal with us and us only.

Exclusive Models

Big box dealers only have access to sell our E-Series. We have exclusive access to tons of dealership models. Although all of the E-Series are built in the same facility in Tennessee, John Deere dealers still have the upper hand because of our exclusive access to multiple models of tractors that will fit your every need.

Why You Matter

At a John Deere dealer, you and your purchase matter to us. big box dealers sell hundreds of other home improvement products and appliances, so in reality, your tractor purchase isn't a big deal to them. John Deere dealers, on the other hand, thrive on purchases made by our customers. We treat you like we would treat our family, you and your purchases matter to us!

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