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The 2024 S180 Mower being used with a mulching attachment to cut residential home grass

100 Series John Deere Lawn Tractors For Sale  

100 Series John Deere lawn tractors for sale in Pennsylvania at West Central Equipment will prepare you for all yard work tasks around your house. With mower deck attachments in multiple sizes, cut down your yard faster than before. See attachments such as mulchers and baggers to clean up and fertilize your yard to make it healthier. With other attachments available, see these lawn tractors' versatile uses at West Central Equipment.

100 Series Lawn Tractor Models

100 Series lawn tractor models available at West Central Equipment will prepare you for all your lawn jobs this year. With eight models available, customize based on the power needed, mower deck size, and features. The S110 lawn tractor is on the smaller end for less demanding work, with 19 HP and a 42" mower deck. The John Deere S180 will help finish mowing faster with 24 HP and a 54" mower deck. Find the 100 Series lawn tractor best for you at West Central Equipment.

Mower Deck Sizes of 100 Series Lawn Tractors

The 100 Series Lawn Tractors from John Deere come in three mowing deck sizes: 42", 48", and 54". Listed below are the sizing for each model:

  • S100: 17.5 HP / 42" Mower Deck
  • S110: 19 HP / 42" Mower Deck
  • S120: 22 HP / 42" Mower Deck
  • S130: 22 HP / 42" Mower Deck
  • S140: 22 HP / 48" Mower Deck
  • S160: 24 HP / 48" Mower Deck
  • S170: 24 HP / 48" Mower Deck
  • S180: 24 HP / 54" Mower Deck

  • John Deere 100 Series Attachments

    John Deere 100 Series attachments range from mower attachments to leaf and snow blowers. Attach a seeder behind the lawn tractor to help distribute fertilizer across your yard. Small trailers attached to the back can help you carry supplies from one end of your property to the other. Even out your lawn with box blade attachments and many more options. Get lawn tractor attachments for your John Deere at West Central Equipment.

    Service on Lawn Tractors at West Central Equipment

    For service on your lawn tractor near you, bring it to West Central Equipment. We serve Pennsylvania with fast and quality service to get your tractor back to you quickly. Whether you need an oil change or engine problems, our technicians have years of experience to handle it. We will provide OEM John Deere parts if you wish to self-repair your lawn tractor. We look forward to helping you make your yard look amazing at West Central Equipment.

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