3P1006NT Mounted No-Till Compact Drill

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Product Description

10' Mounted No-Till Compact Drills

The Great Plains 3P1006NT is a 2-Point Mounted No-Till Drill with lift assist wheels to ensure safe operation and transport.

It utilizes the 06 Series Openers to properly place seed. The coulters are pre-loaded to 450 pounds to ensure proper penetration, even in the toughest conditions. The spring pre-load coulter design adds stability and improved tracking on slopes. Our double disk configuration and full length seed tube ensures that the seed is placed consistently at the chosen depth. Additional seed tubes are used to place both native grass and small seeds. This allows three different seeds to be planted at separate rates and different depths at the same time. Depth control is handled by the 18-position T-handle press wheel adjustment.

The main seedbox is a fluted feed design. The seeding rate is set with the four speed transmission and the adjustable gate opening. The optional native grass box uses our proven “picker wheel” to meter the seed. Rates are adjusted by varying the speed of the drive. Lastly the optional small seeds attachment is a smaller version of our fluted feed system, and seeding rates are set by changing the opening of the fluted feed. The ground drive system automatically disengages when lifted, simplifying the unit and enhancing its reliability.

Product Features


Two standard lift assist wheels in the rear of the 3P806NT & 3P1006NT provide greater lift capacity and assist the tractor's 3-point. Straddle axle caster wheels provide maneuverability and strength.


Allows for unmatched ground gauging in rough, rolling terrain while ensuring safe operation and transport.