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gta26 - GTA 26

Model: Battery Hand Tools

Price: $139.99

*Due to product shortages some STIHL equipment might be out of stock or backordered. See dealer for details.


WEIGHT2.7 lbs.
RUN TIME25 min.


The construction is designed to provide users maximum comfort and control.

STIHL has developed a system for minimizing the vibration levels of handheld outdoor power equipment. The STIHL anti-vibration system helps reduce operator fatigue and provides a more comfortable working experience.

The LED display makes it easy to know how much battery you have left, helping you better manage your pruning or gardening task time.

Easy bar and chain replacement maximize the life and performance of the product.

Easy-to-use with a simple design make this tool perfect for users of any level.

Trigger switch lockout prevents activation of the trigger switch until depressed.

A user-friendly tool for a variety of tasks.

Lightweight, compact design makes this garden pruner a versatile tool for any user.

Toolless replacement of the removable bar and chain allows for easy maintenance.

The 4-inch guide bar that allows for precision cutting and pruning

The ¼ PM3 saw chain allows users to make smooth cuts with low vibration.

The AS 2 battery that powers the GTA 26 offers users long run time to get the job done.

The GTA 26 offers a retractable chain guard to help protect users from making contact with the saw chain.

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