3P606NT Mounted No-Till Compact Drill

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Product Description

6' Mounted No-Till Compact Drill

Seed close to field edges with the 3P606NT 3-Point Mounted No-Till Drill. This rugged 6' seeder is ideal when space is limited or when maneuvering among trees and other obstacles.

Loaded with features, this heavy-duty no-till includes 450 lb. pre-loaded coulters, an easily-accessible calibration crank, a ground-driven metering system, and rain-tight seed box lids.

Equipped with the finest double disc min-till opener, the drill’s lead coulters are staggered 4" to aid in residue flow while preparing a mini-seedbed for the 06 Series Openers to plant into. Coulter blade options include 5/16" fluted or our exclusive 5/8" Turbo Blades.

All 3P606NTs come standard with V-bottom seed box inserts. A native grass seed box can be added for seeding big and little bluestem, smooth brome, and other “fluffy” native grass seed mixes. A small seeds box, which is a smaller version of the standard fluted feed box, can also be added to accurately meter small seeds like clover and alfalfa. Add both boxes to seed three different types of seed at the same time – all at different rates.

Product Features


Seed up to three different seeds at the same time (main seedbox, Native Grass, Small Seeds).


Eight- position positive ground drive also works as the front depth gauging wheel.


Category II 3-point mounting setup.