Mid-Size Crossover

Mid-Size Crossover GatorTM Utility Vehicles

Push the Limits Farther than ever Before

Mid-Size Crossover GatorTMUtility Vehicles from John Deere are nimble and affordable powerhouses with an impressive array of available features. Available in 2 or 4-passenger models, these mid-size gators have top speeds of 45 mph along with an impressive 32 hp and up to 1,200 lb. payload capacity. There are no limits to what these crossover UTVs can handle.


The digital dash features a clear, bright display of 18 attributes like speed, hourmeter, driver's seatbelt and park brake alerts. The ample legroom is a must.

Extra Storage

See one of the best storage areas of any mid sized UV available today. Fold down the rear seat to transform it into a 200 lb(90 kg) capacity cargo rack, store 6-gallons (22.7 l) more under the hood. Plus there's even an optional underseat storage area and a 400 lb. (181kg) cargo box capacity.


See models with speeds over 45 mph (72 km/h) combined with powerful engines.

$700 off
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XUV590E Crossover Utility Vehicle
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XUV590M Crossover Utility Vehicle
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XUV590M S4 Crossover Utility Vehicle