New GM11 Series Grooming Mowers

Grooming Mowers
Key Features
  • 7-gauge, 4.55-mm (0.179-in.) steel deck
  • Quick-change, free-swinging blades
  • iMatch™ quick-hitch compatible with conversion kit
  • Replaceable skid shoes

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Caster wheels prevent scalping
Four caster wheels prevent scalpingFour caster wheels prevent scalping

Four caster wheels follow ground contours and prevent scalping. Heavy tubular caster wheel arms are bolted to rail supports for long life.

Deck design increases productivity
Rounded front enhances mower efficiencyRounded front enhances mower efficiency

The GM11 and GM21 Series Medium-Duty Grooming Mowers have a rounded front-tapered rear deck design, allowing close mowing along trees, fences, buildings, and other obstacles.

Rugged gearbox with cooling fins
Cooling fins help extend life of the gearboxCooling fins help extend life of the gearbox

The GM11 and GM21 Series Medium-Duty Grooming Mowers comes with a 50-hp rugged gearbox. Cooling fins help extend the life of the gearbox.