New AF10F Front Blade

2 Family (25-38HP)
Key Features
  • Reversible cutting edges
  • Trip-edge protection
  • Optional skid shoes
  • Optional hydraulic angle adjustment unit available for AF10 (F)

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Easy adjustments increase productivity
Pin-and-hole blade angle adjustmentPin-and-hole blade angle adjustment

An operator can manually adjust the angle of the blade, choosing from five adjustments for a total 30-degree rotation.

Twice the durability and work life with a reversible cutting edge
Metal cutting edgeMetal cutting edge
Optional urethane cutting edgeOptional urethane cutting edge

The reversible cutting edge on the AF10F Front Blade enhances performance and extends working life.

Optional skid shoes prevent ground gouging
Base skid shoe kitBase skid shoe kit
Optional urethane skid shoe kitOptional urethane skid shoe kit

Skid shoes increase the life of the cutting edge while avoiding damage to the working surface.

Compatibility with quick-change attachment carrier increases uptime
Retaining pins of quick-change attachment carrierRetaining pins of quick-change attachment carrier

No tools are required to attach the front blade. To connect, align the attachment carrier with the hooks of the front blade, raise the boom for the carrier to engage the hooks of the blade, and roll back the attachment carrier. Then install the retaining pins, and the carrier is ready to work.

Trip-edge protection prolongs working life
Springs for trip-edge protectionSprings for trip-edge protection

The trip edge protects the blade, loader, and tractor if the edge of the blade contacts an obstacle.


Width 151.3 cm
59.6 in.
Height 53.3 cm
21 in.
Depth 67.3 cm
26.5 in.
Cutting width 151.3 cm
59.6 in.
Attachment carrier
Current series style H120 and H130
Operational 77.6 kg
171 lb
Shipping 98.4 kg
217 lb
Thickness 12 gauge
2.8 mm
0.109 in.
Height 53.3 cm
21 in.
Standard adjustment Manual
Degrees (each side) 30 and 60 degree (angle)
Hydraulic cylinders
Type None
Skid shoes
Standard Yes
Set-up time
Labor hours 0.5
Time period 1 year
Additional information
Date collected 05 December 2016