1 Family (23-25HP)

1023, 1025

Our 1 Series line-up offer heavy-duty performance at an affordable price for home owners who take pride in their property.  The versatility of these machines offers you a multi-tool to take care of all of your outside tasks.  Auto-Connect Mower Deck, Quik-Park Loader, and I-Match Hitch technology make changing out implements fast and easy allowing you more time in the seat. Less Work = More Work! Check out videos below and see for yourself how Deere stacks up against the Competition!

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Compare the difference of Deere vs Kubota

A comparison of the 1 Family AutoConnect Drive-over mower deck versus the Kubota BX drive-over mower deck.

Compare the difference of Deere vs Mahindra

A review of the drive-over mower deck on the John Deere 1 Family versus the Mahindra eMax series.

The Quik-Park Loader Mounting System

Quik-Park loaders are designed for easy mounting and removal in minutes, with no tools. The key is the parking stand. It is an integral part of the design.

The AutoConnect™ Drive-Over Mower Deck Comparison

As easy at 1..2..3. Without leaving your seat, put the transmission into Range A, engage 4WD and lower the mid-mount lift system. Drive over the deck ramps. Listen for 2 clicks as the deck and PTO attaches, lock the gauge wheels and you're ready to mow!

Tractor, Loader, Mower
1023E Tractor/Loader/Mower Package*
1023E Tractor/Loader/Mower Package*
Starting at: $13,999
1025R Tractor
1025R Tractor
Starting at:  0% APR for 72 months w/ nothing down
Up to $4,700 off
1025R Tractor Loader Backhoe
1025R Tractor Loader Backhoe
Starting at: Starting at $199 per month
Mauser Cab for 1 Series