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Very nice low hour harvester that has been well maintained with an inspection done by WCE every year with all the repairs completed. Price includes 630A grass head and a completely rebuilt KP. A John Deere 640C would be available for $12000 additional.


Price: 106,900.00
Category:Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters
Manufacturer:John Deere
Stock / DSID #:91684


Kernel ProcessorYes
Drive Wheels 800/65 R32
Nonadjustable wide rear axle 4-WD
Rear wheels 540/65r26
Two HID Lights in the Cab Roof
2 standard.rear view mirrors
Without front end dive shaft
IVT lock transmission
Feed roll with spiral teeth
Stationary knife with corn shearbar
Standard knife bracket holders
40 wide corn knives
Quick change kernal processor with manual adjustment
Saw tooth kernal proccessor rolls
High arch spout wide
Winds.washer for rh&lh window
Double acting hydraulic outlet
Spout rinse
Additional working lights
2nd work light for spout
Engine block heater 110 volt
Extension exhaust pipe
Auto lube base w/Kernel Processor
Standard chute